Whatever your needs, whatever your request, B2B GAMES has the right content for you.
SPORT & RACING GAMES are great titles for B2B operations,
as they allow you to reach a great number of consumers of all ages.
Ex: “Premier Manager”, “Football Generation”, “Nitro Stunt Racing”,
“V-Rally”, “Freaks”, “Beach Volleyball”, “Colin McRae Rally”,
“Street Tennis”, “Virtual Skipper”, "Roland Garros”, “Ski Racing”…
B2B GAMES brings you all the best ACTION & ADVENTURE GAMES
from a large choice of publishers.
Ex: “Tomb Raider”, “Runaway”, “Dragon’s lair”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “Heart of Darkness”, “Syberia”, “Prince of Persia”…
B2B GAMES has access to a great collection of LIFESTYLE TITLES
from learning language methods, to encyclopaedias,
home design software or printing software!
Ex: “Easy Budget 3D”, “Home Design 3D”, “Garfield’s Typing Pal”, “Route Planner Europe”, “EJay Music Station”, “Jeune Styliste”…
With a collection of more than 1000 MOBILE GAMES & APPLICATIONS, B2B GAMES offers a creative and innovative way to realize B2B operation, by offering a fashionable content to your customers !
Ex: “Real Football 2006”, “Asphalt 2”, “Icy Pinball”, “Pirate’s fortune”, “Quest for Alliance”, “Delta Corps”, “Qubix”, “Break Out”, “World Cup”…
B2B GAMES has a great choice OFFER FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES from games to educational titles, that will please kids and their parents. Learning should be great fun!
Ex: “Asterix and Obelix – XXL”, “Whiz Kids”, “Clifford, the big red dog”,
“I Spy” “The Teletubbies”, “Muppet Babies”, “Egypt Kids”…
are available and are great ideas for Adult targeted promotions.
Ex: “Casino Poker”, “Chess Champions”, “Rollercoaster Tycoon”, “Europa Universalis”, “Singles”…
B2B GAMES brings you a broad choice of DVD VIDEOS.
Fitness & cooking lessons, cartoons, documentaries and many more. We have Interactive DVD videos, bringing interaction & fun to your TV !
Ex: “Tintin”, “Astérix”, “Salsa lessons”, “Italian summer cuisine”, “Da Vinci”, “Pilates”, “”Pokemon”, Yu-Gi-Ho”, “Driving Test”…

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